Answering Your Cement Tile Questions

Hi friends!

Thank you for all the love on Instagram about my new cement tile! There were so many questions so I’m hopping on today to answer them ALLLL.

Instagram post

Q: Where did you find that tile?

A: The short answer: Craigslist.

The long story…one of my clients had extra cement tile from her master bathroom remodel we just finished so she was selling it on Craigslist. When she was checking the “competition” she typed in “cement tile” and there it was! Someone in San Diego had ordered too much and was selling the extra. She emailed me and I emailed the seller right away.

Q: Where can I get it?

A: Ok, so the box says Original Mission Tile, Design: Areille. I had a comment on Instagram that the tile design is by Commune Design for Exquisite Surfaces. So, I would check both of those sources.

Q: Where are you installing it?

A: It’s going to be installed (this week hopefully) around the base of my fireplace where the hearth previously was. We demo’d our 1970’s fireplace this year and replaced most of it with drywall. There has been a hole where the hearth was for months because I couldn’t decide on tile. Until now!

Now my question for YOU:

Which pattern/layout…

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