1. guest bathroom remodel

    2023-03-13 20:55:17 UTC
    Today I’m sharing all the details from my most recent client bathroom remodel. My client asked me to help with the remodel of two bathrooms in her home in San Diego, CA. We started with her hallway guest bathroom. She wanted to keep the layout the same but update everything…

  2. styling session with Mor Furniture in San Diego

    2022-10-06 12:20:23 UTC
    I was recently invited by the furniture company Mor Furniture to visit their showroom to style 2 different sets as a part of their designer series.   Mor Furniture sent me links to look at 2 of their collections one being the Melbourne Queen Panel bed and then also the Rockford…

  3. Redfin + Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Home

    2021-11-08 22:01:09 UTC
    From Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Home With only a couple more weeks until we give thanks, nothing is better than celebrating the holidays in style. Have fun this holiday season by decorating your home with pumpkins, candles and personalized name cards - or go big with home improvements…

  4. master bedroom refresh

    2020-02-11 19:33:17 UTC
    I just finished a master bedroom “refresh” today so I’m sharing all of the details and sources with you!  I’m calling it a refresh because we worked with the existing bed and kept the bones of the room the same. Here is the before… The first big change was the…

  5. nursery for baby crue

    2020-01-13 20:07:58 UTC
    Today, I’m showing off a nursery I recently designed for baby boy Crue who was born in November. What’s special is that I got to design his big sister’s nursery a couple of years ago. You might remember sister Brooklyn’s beach inspired nursery… Brooklyn’s nursery For Crue’s room, mom Cindel…

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