1. my wishlist/holiday gift guide

    21 Nov 2019
    2019 1. Grande Lash: I’ve used this lash boosting serum for a year or so and have noticed a big difference in the length of my lashes. It takes about 4 weeks to see results. 2. Ashby Backpack: I’ve been using a backpack instead of a purse this whole year.…

  2. Answering Your Cement Tile Questions

    15 Oct 2017
    Hi friends! Thank you for all the love on Instagram about my new cement tile! There were so many questions so I’m hopping on today to answer them ALLLL. Instagram post Q: Where did you find that tile? A: The short answer: Craigslist. The long story…one of my clients had…

  3. Neutral Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

    28 Sep 2017
    I am so excited to share all about this master bathroom remodel today!  Where do I start? Well, my client and I started talking about her master bathroom at the beginning of the year. She wanted a dramatic change but with resale in mind. We decided to keep the bathroom…

  4. Home Tour: Inside a 1st grade teacher’s charming San Diego home

    30 Jul 2017
    I’ve been wanting to do a home tour ever since I first started blogging. I just love looking into the homes of other people and seeing the way they design and decorate! Since my own home is under some major construction right now, I asked my good friend, 1st grade…

  5. all hearts for this little girls’ bedroom

    27 Jul 2017
    My friend Monica recently sold her home and moved her family of 5 into a rental home. She called me and asked if I would help her make it feel more like “their home” instead of the owners’. Well, of course I said yes and accepted the challenge. Rentals can…

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