1. quick thanksgiving table centerpiece

    2019-11-27 19:49:32 UTC
    Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and in need of a simple centerpiece for your table?  I have a quick and easy centerpiece idea using items you most likely already own.  Yes, no shopping required.  Here is the equation:  1 table runner (any color) + 1 placemat (coordinate with

  2. my wishlist/holiday gift guide

    2019-11-21 02:57:58 UTC
    2019 1. Grande Lash: I’ve used this lash boosting serum for a year or so and have noticed a big difference in the length of my lashes. It takes about 4 weeks to see results. 2. Ashby Backpack: I’ve been using a backpack instead of a purse this whole year.…

  3. Answering Your Cement Tile Questions

    2017-10-15 23:38:58 UTC
    Hi friends! Thank you for all the love for my new cement tile! There were so many questions so I’m hopping on today to answer them ALLLL. Instagram post Q: Where did you find that tile? A: The short answer: Craigslist. The long story…one of my clients had extra cement…

  4. Neutral Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

    2017-09-28 13:19:14 UTC
    I am so excited to share all about this master bathroom remodel today!  Where do I start? Well, my client and I started talking about her master bathroom at the beginning of the year. She wanted a dramatic change but with resale in mind. We decided to keep the bathroom…

  5. Home Tour: Inside a 1st grade teacher’s charming San Diego home

    2017-07-30 04:47:00 UTC
    I’ve been wanting to do a home tour ever since I first started blogging. I just love looking into the homes of other people and seeing the way they design and decorate! Since my own home is under some major construction right now, I asked my good friend, 1st grade…

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