Redfin + Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Home


Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Home

With only a couple more weeks until we give thanks, nothing is better than celebrating the holidays in style. Have fun this holiday season by decorating your home with pumpkins, candles and personalized name cards - or go big with home improvements that will get your home ready for any occasion. Thanksgiving is celebrated in many ways, so whether you are hosting a dinner in Atlanta GA, or planning a Friendsgiving in Chicago IL, here are Thanksgiving decoration ideas to get your home in the holiday spirit this November.

Decorations that will make any room in your home festive

When you think of festive holiday home decorations, the decorations that are highly versatile are garlands. There are many different kinds of garlands that can accommodate any style and can be placed almost anywhere. Popular areas to place garlands are around the front door, window sills, on the fire mantle and on your home table. Bring the garlands to life by adding lights, candles and red berries.

Whether it’s 2 types of faux greenery or 2-3 real, combining your garlands will give a more natural and full look. My personal favorites are fresh seeded eucalyptus and faux pine mixed together. -Sarah Joy Schmidt Interior Design 

Bring back holiday tradition this season

Imagine walking into a home that smells like crisp apple cider, and the table packed with stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans. This holiday season, connect with your loved ones and prepare your favorite dishes together. Beautiful food creations are what make the table complete, so grab your loved ones, your favorite recipes and start a tradition.

let CreateMyCookbook help you make your Thanksgiving table extra special with a custom cookbook full of family recipes. Imagine your favorite dish on the table sitting next to your cookbook with the page open to the family recipe for that dish. There’s nothing sweeter than perfecting your presentation! -CreateMyCookbook

Incorporate comforting scents into your home decorations

Apart from the smells from food being prepared, adding your own flare on fragrance can not only add to your aesthetic but can contribute to your decorations. 

Entertaining this year? Besides the typical pumpkins and turkey decor, at Varval Home we love combining fall fruit and foliage. Mixing these warm tones with half-open pears, pomegranates and clove-studded tangerines not only adds to a beautiful natural aesthetic to your table but also the natural scents of the fruits. If you want to go the extra mile on the scent, assemble oven-dry oranges, cinnamon and cloves in a cord to make a garland to hang beautifully around any sideboard or credenza. -Varval Home

Personalize your Thanksgiving home decorations

The table is the centerpiece of all Thanksgiving decorations. It is where everyone enjoys their meal and company - that’s why table decorations are so popular. There are different ways to decorate your table from garlands, to table linens to various candles - find what fits your style and let the decorations fall into place.

For an elegant and inviting Thanksgiving table, blend sophisticated metallic chargers or fine china with handcrafted decor elements. Add personalized place cards to give your guests a warm, personal welcome, and be sure to add plenty of candles for a cozy yet polished feel! -Grit and Grace Studio

Add a complementary wall to enhance your decorations

Wanting to spice up your home just in time for the holidays? Adding complementary walls that highlight colors of the season will tie in your decorations. Plus choosing the right color can not only enhance your home for the holidays but can complement your home all year.

If you’re up for a bigger change, grab that paint and start painting the wall in your living room to warm up the soul of your home. Maybe a nice “Gray Horse ” or “Sequoia 1245” by Benjamin Moore. Both are beautiful, warm colors that are perfect for autumn. One of my favorite ideas is to grab a boho-straw tray, add some mini pumpkins, gourds, or squash, some candles, and you’ll have the perfect statement piece. This is a great way to subtly show your festive side in the fall season.

Think big when decorating your home

Whether you are preparing your home to host this holiday season, or you are just looking for a change, it is a good time to evaluate your own home and what improvements can be made. If you are hosting during the holiday season, you want your home to leave a lasting impression, so think bigger and create something your guests will not forget.

DIY makeover of your ceiling using decorative ceiling tiles. Decorative tiles can be glued over most ceiling surfaces including popcorn ceilings to transform it by adding design, depth and color.  This project has a big impact and low budget. -Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Original article published on November 8, 2021 by Ana de Guzman

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