Mckinley Lynn

Heather and I met in college and have remained close ever since. We’ve been friends through college finals, different jobs, weddings, buying houses, selling houses, having babies, moving (she did!), moving back (yes she did), and all sorts of other ups and downs.  We speak the same language (interior design). Our husbands get along great. Our children love each other. We even vacation together (my fav). 

So…when Heather asked me to collaborate with her on their second baby’s nursery (it’s a girl!) I was both honored and excited!  She knew the direction she wanted for the room right away. One of the first purchases was a beautiful painted feather (Jelly Bird) on wood we picked up at a local San Diego market together.

We then got started creating a vision board (on our family vacation…that’s just how we roll). She knew she wanted to paint an accent wall behind the crib in a chevron-like pattern. We went back and forth on the wall colors and in the end she decided on painting the entire room in a soft mint color. 

The bedding and drapery were ordered custom in her colors (mint, turquoise, coral) and was just perfect once put all together.  We took one trip (yes only one)  to Hobby Lobby for accessories and she ordered a couple of Etsy pieces. 

My favorite part of this nursery is the painted accent wall that Heather painted herself. It’s the perfect combo of soft and bold.  

I love the detail and hard work that was put into this nursery.  Mckinley…you are already so loved. Enjoy your special nursery! 


felt floral mobile: Two Eggs Nesting// drapery: carousel designs// wooden arrows: Joyful Creations// feather wall hanging: Westward Notions// wooden feather: Jellybird Designs// arrows: Hobby Lobby// wooden framed sign: James and Alice Shop// 

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